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Natural & Honey Process

Natural Sundried and Honey Processed coffee involves leaving all or part of the fruit intact on the bean during the drying process. In contrast, most coffee is processed using what's called a washed process where the fruit is washed from the bean before it is dried leaving only that taste of the bean in your brewed cup of coffee. Natural sundried and honey processed coffee allows the fruit to add flavor and sugar to the bean during the drying process. This adds noticeably fruity or “pulpy” flavors, often described as “boozy” or “winey”.  It can also enhance the nutty and/or chocolate notes, and often has a fuller or syrupy body.

The difference between natural sundried and honey process has to do with partial removal of the fruit. Whereas natural sundried involves leaving the entire fruit intact, the honey process involves removing the outer skin (pulp) but leaving the fruit (mucilage). Natural processed coffee is characteristically more fruity and sweet. Honey proceeded coffee has more muted fruit notes, yet the same sweet notes as the natural.


To sum this up very simply, washed coffee provides you with just the taste of the bean, honey process provides you with the taste of the bean, natural sugars and some notes of the fruit.  Natural sundried provides the taste of the bean with all the natural fruit flavors and sugars. 

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