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About Us

White Blossom Coffee Company was started in Dec. 2016.  We are a small family-owned and operated business. My wife, 2 sons, and I handle all of the day-to-day operations. The business grew from our passion for quality coffee. What was once a personal hobby became a business when a local opportunity arose to sell coffee.  


As coffee lovers, We can’t resist trying new coffee from around the world and the unique processes offered. This translated into a unique business model where our offerings change seasonally when coffee is available from small farms globally. We purposely buy from farms where we can verify organic farming practices and fair treatment of their workers. This is very important to us, as coffee is grown in third-world countries under challenging circumstances. Because of this practice, our more unique coffee is purchased from smaller farms limiting the amount available. We do have coffee that we keep in stock so we can offer it year-round however, our true passion is in sourcing the more unique coffee. We typically have an average of eight coffees that we offer year-round and we stock another fifteen that are more unique and change throughout the year. On average we have twenty to thirty coffees in inventory at all times. 


When we began to consider this business, it was with caution. We have a second small business, home inspecting, and understand economic fluctuations. As we considered our future, our goal was to build a business that would prosper well into our retirement years and then pass it along to our two sons. With only a $4K investment we purchased a roaster and 60lbs of green coffee. Initially, we started by selling at a local market once a month. We quickly found ourselves selling on a weekly basis when demand continued to grow. We now have a building dedicated to coffee, supply coffee to local shops and stores, and have an online store. My sons grew up helping with the coffee and over the years have become more involved and now work with us on a regular basis. 


As we continue to grow we are always looking for new ideas and products. We have sourced coffee fruit called Cascara and sell it to brew as tea. We have also sourced raw cacao that we roast and sell as a coffee flavoring. One of our best-selling products is barrel-aged coffee. We work with a distillery in Lugoff, SC to source the barrels and age our green beans in the freshly emptied barrels. As a small company, we do 99% of everything ourselves and even built an automated barrel turner to rotate the barrel several times daily. The barrel-aged coffee is sold as a stand-alone product and is also used with some unique flavors like Irish Cream Whiskey and Pecan Bourbon. We are always looking for the opportunity to create new products. 

Did you know that just like most produce, coffee starts with a flower?  It’s a white flower, thus the name White Blossom Coffee Co. All coffee starts with the flower.  We love to talk about coffee, teaching others about where it comes from, how it's grown, and all the details that most people never knew. Our business isn’t just about the income, we love what we do. For our family, this is not just a business, it's an adventure in coffee and life.

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