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SC Peach Cobbler

SC Peach Cobbler

South Carolina Peach Cobbler is fruity and smooth.  It will not disappoint!

All flavored coffees will come ground. Whole beans are not available at this time.




Information included on the rear label:

South Carolina is known for its delicious peaches. By the early 1700s, there were several prominent accounts of peach cultivation in South Carolina. The native Indians cultivated peaches and preserved them by drying and pressing them into cakes. Henry William Ravenel of Aiken is credited as the first commercial grower to ship peaches outside the state in the 1850s.  The industry began to take off with the introduction of the railroad. Packing sheds were built right along the railway so that railcars could easily load the peaches up and ship them long distances before highways were even developed. Today, South Carolina produces the most peaches of any state in the South. More than forty commercial varieties of peaches are grown. According to the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, there are about 18,000 acres of peach orchards, and more than 200 million pounds of peaches are harvested in a typical year. In fact, South Carolina has been called “The tastier peach state” 

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