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Decaf Colombia MWP

Decaf Colombia MWP

It has good body and flavor and can pass for a decaf coffee.

A sweet coffee with a clean aftertaste and undertones of angel food cake, maybe a little caramel.



Mountain  Water Process decaffeination process involves no chemicals.   To begin the process they send the coffee to the maximizer, where they treat it with steam under pressure to soften and enlarge the beans. This makes the caffeine easier to remove from the beans.  After the beans are ready, the caffeine extraction process can begin. 

During caffeine extraction, they submerge the beans in a caffeine-free solution of coffee solids under precise pressure, flow, and heat levels in a vacuum. This process selectively removes the caffeine through osmosis.  For coffees with a higher caffeine content, multiple applications of this step may be necessary to reach optimal caffeine content.  Then, they filter the caffeine out of the solution using specialized cellulose and activated charcoal filters so they can reuse it. 

Finally, they then move the coffee through 3 different dryers: a drum dryer like you might find in a wet mill, a horizontal fluid bed dryer, and a vertical “waterfall” dryer. They dry the coffee in these dryers until they reach 11% moisture, which takes around 12 hours. After drying the coffee goes to a polisher. The polisher removes the silver skin and dust to prepare it for export.  All told, this decaf coffee processing method generally takes between 48 and 60 hours.

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