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Brewing Cocoa

Brewing Cocoa

A Bolivian Heirloom Cacao, organic certified organic by Ceres GmbH.

These extremely rare, Heirloom (Silvestre, Wild, Nacional) cacao beans are collected by hand by indigenous low-lands Bolivians in remote areas of the Alto Beni and Beni regions. They are artisanally dried directly from farmers as part of the community outreach efforts of our ongoing cacao project.

These cacao beans are significantly smaller than hybrid beans but they have 10% more cacao butter and lots more flavor.  Hybrid cacao beans have about 55% cacao butter, while Heirloom Beniano have 65%. 

We only offer the cacao ground and not whole bean. This is because cacao is very difficult to grind and can damage your equiptment.


Try it as a stand-alone drink or mix it with your coffee for a rich dark chocalate note in your mug.

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