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Revolutionary Barrel Aged Coffee

Revolutionary Barrel Aged Coffee

Combining a passion for great coffee and fine aged spirits led us to the combination of flavors you don’t want to miss. This mug of coffee drinks like a well-crafted cocktail, without the alcohol content. A great sipping dessert coffee or social coffee that will instantly impress.

Other roasters have begun experimenting with aging coffee beans in barrels — we didn’t invent it — but we did experiment and develop a combination of flavors that are a perfect match. We started with our Peru coffee bean — one of our best-selling coffees. Its natural undertones of sweet citrus and floral notes, medium body, and very clean with no earthiness, made it the right choice for this project. We are collaborating with Gorget Distilling Co in Lugoff, SC to use their oak whiskey barrels that were originally built by a well-known Tennessee distillery. We aged 60 pounds of unroasted Peru coffee in it, for just the right amount of time, and then pulled coffee out and put it in airtight containers.

We are now roasting these beans in small batches, as a light roast, marrying the coffee flavors with oak, and whiskey. The resulting mug is sweet, smooth, and one of the most complex interesting coffees to ever touch our lips.


5 oz packages


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