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Bali Blue Moon

Bali Blue Moon

All of the coffee grown in Bali is organic because pesticides and insecticides and chemical fertilizers are strictly forbidden on the island.  This one does have an organic certification.  This is going to remind you of a Sumatra, but cleaner and more complex. Some real nice undertones in here with herbs like vanilla bean and cinnamon, a little bit chocolatey, a thick syrupy body, lingering but not earthy finish. 


* Coffee offered as organic has organic certification from the farm or coop. That means organic farming practices were used.  At White Blossom Coffee Co. we do not offer our coffee as certified organic because of the added expense of having our roaster certified by the USDA. Therefore we can not list our coffee as "certified organic". The important factor is the non-use of pesticides and fertilizers during coffee production.

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