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AeroPress Original coffee maker

AeroPress Original coffee maker

SKU: 085276000855

AeroPress coffee makers have revolutionized the art of making delicious coffee quickly and easily through their patented one-of-a-kind portable design. In under a minute, you can brew a smooth, rich and fullflavored cup of coffee any time, anywhere. These famously versatile brewers make it easy to adjust brewing temperature, amount of coffee and other brewing variables to customize your coffee exactly to your taste. Over 6 million coffee lovers and connoisseurs in over 80 countries worldwide trust AeroPress to deliver unparalleled taste, convenience, and flexibility for the perfect cup of coffee every single time.


Why You Will Love It:

  • Deliciously smooth, grit-free coffee
  • One-ninth the acidity of French press coffee and one-fifth the acidity of drip coffee
  • Make hot coffee in about a minute or rich, smooth cold brew coffee in around two minutes (much faster than typical cold brewing methods)
  • Compact: Unlike many other coffee makers, takes up very little kitchen space
  • Portable: One version comes with included tote bag
  • Versatile: Brew all your favorite coffee shop beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos at home
  • Made in the USA
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