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AG + ART Chester County Fundraiser

AG + ART Chester County Fundraiser

A rich, smooth medium roast coffee blend.

Available for pick-up at our location or the Chester County Chamber of Commerce (Select Pick-up Boxes at checkout and put in the notes which location you would like to pick up. Pick-up is available at the Chamber 109 Gadsden Street. Hours are Mon-Thurs 9-3, and Fri 9-12. and an email will be sent with instructions if you choose our location in Fort Lawn). Shipping is also available. 



50% of the sale of every bag of this coffee goes to support Ag + Art in Chester County SC.  To keep the tour free to the public, the South Carolina Ag + Art Tour is funded through grants, sponsorships, and fundraising initiatives. All monies help fund the tour's marketing/advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and support the logistic needs of our county. 


The South Carolina Ag + Art Tour is a significant event that showcases the state's agricultural and artistic sectors. This self-guided tour offers visitors an opportunity to explore various farms and markets where local artisans display their crafts. It's the nation's largest tour of its kind and serves as a platform for farmers to demonstrate where food comes from while artists perform and sell their works. The tour enhances local economies, promotes South Carolina's cultural heritage, and fosters community engagement. Participants can learn about sustainable agricultural practices and the importance of supporting local artisans and farmers. This, in turn, helps conserve the state's natural resources and encourages innovation in traditional practices, combining agriculture with artistic endeavors for a more sustainable and culturally rich community experience​ ​​ (Clemson News)​​ (SC Ag+Art Tour)​.


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